Nativity of Mary Church Ministries

Nativity of Mary Catholic Church and School

Pastoral Ministries

Finance Committee
Consults with and advises Pastor and Business Manager regarding budget and other parish financial matters. Contact the church office (816) 353-2184

Building and Grounds
Volunteer group responsible for maintenance and beautification of grounds and physical plant. 

Parish Ministry Council
Comprised of parish members accompanied by Fr. Bob Stone. Our purpose is to minister to parishioners, as well as our neighbors outside the parish, by listening to their needs and ideas. We work to provide fellowship, spiritual growth and education, as well as promoting the work of other ministry groups. 
Contact Loretta Krawczyk (816) 353-2184.

Sacramental Preparation

Baptism Preparation
Parents of infants meet with Fr. Bob Stone to discuss the meaning of Baptism in the community and family. Classes will be offered quarterly, please check the bulletin for dates and times. 

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist 
We assist parents in preparing their children for First Sacraments. Parents must attend an introductory meeting for their children prior to receiving these sacraments. Contact 
Debbie Page at the Ministry Center (816) 353-2184.

Confirmation Preparation
Candidates entering their Freshman year in High School or older. Contact 
Debbie Page at the Ministry Center (816) 353-2184.

Matrimony Preparation
Engaged couples meet with lead couples in preparation for the sacrament of matrimony. Required for all engaged couples wishing to be married at Nativity of Mary. Couples need to contact the parish office at least 9 months to a year in advance. No date will be given until the couple has met with Fr. Bob. For more information contact 
Fr. Bob Stone at the ministry center (816) 353-2184.

Wedding Coordinators
Assigned to wedding couples to help them plan and prepare their wedding ceremony, rehearsal and environment. 
Contact Esther Cunningham (816) 373-0168.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Formation process for adults and families interested in exploring the possibility of becoming Catholic or to learn more about their Catholic faith. Opportunity for parishioners to share in initiation process by sponsoring candidates, serving on the RCIA team, or offering hospitality during sessions.
Debbie Page at the Ministry Center (816 )353-2184.

Liturgical Ministries

Liturgy Committee
Group of parishioners who work with the liturgist and music ministers to plan liturgical celebrations.
Contact Nancy Ronan (816) 373-9142

Art & Environment Committee
A sub-committee of the Liturgy Committee responsible for designing and seasonally decorating the Church.

Funeral Ministry
Ministers who help plan funerals.

Music Ministry
Adult and youth parishioners who sing or play a musical instrument. They work with the music director to lead the community in song during weekend Masses and at special liturgical celebrations.
Maria Milazzo (816) 353-2184 ext. 409.

Adult and youth parishioners who proclaim the Word of God at daily and weekend Masses as well as special liturgical celebrations. Contact Nancy Ronan (816) 373-9142

Ministers of Hospitality who greet and welcome people as they enter Mass, collect the offerings and assist in case of need during the liturgy. 

Eucharistic Ministers
Ministers who assist in the distribution of Communion at Mass.
Contact Nancy Ronan (816) 373-9142

Altar Servers
Youth 4th grade and older who assist at the altar during weekend and school Masses and special liturgical celebrations. Contact Susie Addison in the school office (816) 353-0284.

Altar & Rosary Society
Ministry open to all women of the parish. Responsible for the upkeep of the church altar, vessels, linens and candles.
Contact Cindy Mosbauer (816) 795-0547

School Ministries

Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education Provide the opportunity for an inclusive Catholic education for children with special needs.

School Board
Responsible for long-range planning, policy development, finances, public relations, evaluation of the administration’s relationship with the board, major curriculum changes, and facilitation of communication among school-related groups.

This organization supports activities, events and functions that benefit all students at our school.
It promotes open communication between teachers and parents; provides opportunities for students and parents to grow mentally and spiritually; raises needed funds to support school and social activities; acknowledges the accomplishments of our students; recognizes the dedication
of our teachers and staff; and involves the surrounding community in the life of our school.

Athletic Program
Students in grades K-8 may participate in Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Track.

Children's & Youth Ministries

High School Youth Group
Social gatherings and service oriented activities for high school aged teens.
Debbie Page at the Ministry Center (816) 353-2184.

Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts & Camp Fire
National youth development organizations for boys and girls of all ages whose mission is to build caring, confident youth and future leaders. Cub Scouts contact Jim Black (816) 625-3801 or David Vest (816) 217-8313, Boy Scouts contact David Teegarden (816) 461-3980, Camp Fire contact Kathy Bishop (816) 373-2823.

Ministries of Community Spirit  

Hospitality Committee
Volunteers who periodically provide coffee & doughnuts at other social gatherings of our parish.
Contact Cindy Mosbauer (816) 795-0547

Funeral Dinners
Volunteer team that prepares and serves a meal following funeral services. Contact Madge Sutherlin (816) 478-9443.

Ministries of Service

Respect Life Committee
Volunteers who strive to bring issues of respect and reverence for all life to the forefront of the parish.
Contact Anita Pribyl  (816) 478-1398.

Over 55 Club
Programs include once a month social times, ceramics, transportation and planned outings. 
Contact Lee Kanies (816) 254-6974. 

Ministry to the Sick, Hospitalized and Homebound
Volunteers who visit and take communion to those unable to attend Mass. Contact Paula Cassity (816) 356-4467.

Emergency Services
Volunteers who assess and meet utility, rent and food needs of people in our parish boundaries. 
Contact St. Mary's Food Pantry (816) 252-8649.

Knights of Columbus
Men who serve fraternally Church and community.
Contact Barry Coogan (816) 252-1596.
K of C Ladies Auxiliary
If you are a female, practicing Catholic, 18 years or older, you may join the Knights of Columbus ladies Auxiliary.
Contact Tracy Lawrence 816-373-3616.

Food Pantry
Volunteers help solicit, stock, and distribute food through parish food pantry. 
Contact St. Mary's Food Pantry (816) 252-8649.

Blood Bank
Twice each year we sponsor the Mobile Blood Bank. If you would like to be a donor please contact Pat & Beverly Baker (816) 358-1419 

Quilting Ladies
If you love to quilt or would like to learn, come join the Quilting Ladies. For more information contact Vera Mosbauer (816) 252-5469.

Ministries of Adult Faith Formation

The Prayer Group
Thursdays, 2:00 p.m. in church.
Contact Peter Quiroga (816) 252-4284.


Diocesan Family Life Office
Engaged Encounter, Marriage Encounter, Widowed Persons, Support Groups, Singles, Retrouvaille, Retreats, Respect Life - 
(816) 756-1850

Catholic Charities
Divorced and Separated Persons 
Counseling Services
(816) 221-4377

To report spiritual, emotional and moral abuse call:
Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect hotline    1-(800) 392-3738
The Diocesan Victim Advocate                        (816) 361-2666